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Dreams of Flying
Bar Harbor
Freud was full of it. Flying dreams are nohow about sex. *Sex* dreams are about sex. I had one of each last night, and they were clearly distinguishable.


On the other hand, flying dreams could make a good metaphor for romantic love, at least in my experience of both. In order to fly, you need to keep moving forward; hovering in place doesn't work. It's almost impossible to keep a steady altitude, you're always going up or down (see Andreas Capellanus rule 4: "It is well known that love is either increasing or decreasing."). It's thrilling when you get really high, but also terrifying, because there's so much further to fall if you make a mistake.

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Yeah, I was always puzzled by that flying=sex. Some of the thrill sensations are somewhat similar, but they're also similar to roller coaster rides. Possibly Freud never went on a motion-thrill ride like a roller coaster?

However, flying=stock market could also be proposed.

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