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The Annotated Grimm's, ed. Maria Tatar
Bar Harbor
This is a collection of most of the Grimm's tales from their final edition, in new translations, and with lots of commentary and footnotes. The notes fall into two broad groups. One set talks about the symbolism in the stories, frequently citing what other scholars have said (Bruno Bettelheim gets name-dropped a lot, though Tatar often disagrees with his interpretations). The other talks about the variations between different versions of the story, not just in different cultures, but also discussing the changes between the various editions of Grimm's, andd the didactic reasons they had for making those changes. She also gives brief mentions to modern interpretations of the Grimm tales. (Well, usually brief; Walt Disney tends to be discussed at some length.)

Almost every story has at least one full-page color illustration, chosen from a variety of sources. The captions to these are sometimes interesting, discussing how the illustrator engaged with various elements of the story.

All in all, the book seems to be balanced a bit precariously between academe and populist. There isn't enough discussion to satisfy the academic, while there is enough discussion to rather get in the way of someone who just wants to read the stories. On the other hand, I (and many of you reading this review) am myself located in an "amateur academic" space between the two worlds, and am enjoying the read. Recommended, with that caveat.

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Not to nitpick, Alexx, but this particular review would have been much more useful a week before Valentines Day, than a week after.

(Yeah, my sweetie and I buy each other books, and pretty much nothing else).

My apologies. It was in fact *written* then, but I've been lame about posting lately.

(When Kes was studying latin, one of her homework sentences became a motto for us: Puer puellam multos libros dat.)

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