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David Gerrold
Bar Harbor
So, David Gerrold is the guest of honor at this year's Boskone. They're doing a bunch of "Tribble" themed programming. Gerrold is one of those unfortunates who remains most famous for their first professional publication, no matter what they do afterwards (and he has done a lot in the ~40 years since then). I hope he has come to terms with it.

I just read a new (ish, 2005?) novella from him in Dozois' annual Best SF anthology, "In the Quake Zone". I quite enjoyed it. Noir detectives, queer themes, and time travel, all blended into a fascinating mixture. In the end, it reminded me of Spider Robinson, only back when SR still had more talent than self-indulgence. If I run into Gerrold at the con, I'm glad I'll be able to tell him I liked something he did recently.
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I loved "The Man Who Folded Himself" for years before discovering the same guy evidently wrote a ST:TOS episode. But that's no more recent, really...

He and Nimoy can share a beer over the issue....

He did write a book about writing Tribbles, which I used to have, and it was a good one.

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